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So Little Has Changed

Five years after Myanmar started transitioning from military to civilian rule it’s easy to find new upscale hotels, restaurants and stores. But little has changed for most of the country’s impoverished citizens.

News Package For Reuters March 2016

The Balance of Power

Myanmar transitions to its first civilian-led government in five decades. But the military still calls a lot of the shots.

News Package For Reuters March 2016

No Doctors Around

A health crisis unfolds in Myanmar where ethnic Rohingya Muslims face government-sanctioned road blocks to medical care.

Foreign Food Franchises

          Invade Yangon

International food franchises try to tap into Myanmar’s growing middle class. But sometimes it’s a bumpy ride.

News Package For Reuters June 2016

Betel Nut Ban

Myanmar’s government plans to place restritctions on one of the country’s most popular habit’s.

News Package For Reuters June 2016

In-Depth News Package June 2014

A foreign company takes strong steps to try to keep its subcontractors from using child labor in a country where it’s all too common.

News Package For Reuters May 2016

As-Live Report For Reuters

Red Shirt Rally

Malaysians take sides as their president faces a graft scandal.

Neighborhood gardens bring a taste of the countryside to New York City.

News Package September 2010

Child Labor Crackdown